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What makes an Artist a Star? "Non-Musicians Please reply as well" Thanks!

From the Artist Perspective, give us your 10 step belief on what you think it takes to make a star.

From Non-Musicians and Fans
, What makes you listen, and Buy music from an Artist? Please tell us, Zip Code and your Favorite musical Genres, & or Artist. Please post your views here on our discussion board

We would like to hear from you.
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1. Personality
2. Looks
3. Talent
4. Beleifs
5. "Role Modelsim"
6. Cadidness
7. Someone who can connect with everyone
8. Popular
9. Very opionionated
10. The "IT" factor

I got it so go check it out

Also i love this site
An Artist product is bought or highly apreciated by me because of the concept and uniqeness him or she has put in the packaging of the music, like for instance its originality and message it conveys.
As a non musician, what captivates me is the smooth sound/voice of the artists. As a child loving music, I was always wanting to know what I was "bopping" to so to speak meaning the "lyrics". I know you all remember the cassette tapes and rewind/fast forward(lol). I will sit for hours with my pieces of paper of recording my favorite songs and then going back to write the lyrics down so that I could sing along with the artist. It made me feel as if I was connected to them in some way. Music has always been a comfort to me even now as an adult I find myself connecting to the lyrics and the smoothness of an artist's voice. (My zip code is 29306...and I love just about all music but rap I have to say is a rare for me) but still open to it because I love the old school hip hop..i.e. Slick Rick, Warren G, Tupac, Dana Dane, Jam Master Flash, LL Cool J, etc. Smooth Jazz when I want to unwind or be mellow. Country is still growning on me (the lyrics are hilarious but really have me thinking :)
R & B, rejuvenates my soul!
Beloved... I agree completely. I really feel you on playing a song over & over just to write down the lyrics so I can sing along. LOL Been doing that all my life. With the exception of teens & the bubble gum crowd, I don't think serious music lovers care what you look like as long as the voice moves my spirit. Look at the unrivaled success of Luther Vandross and even James Brown. LOL Not the prettiest fellas in the world but among the greatest & most memorable voices in history. The uniqueness of the artists voice is essential to longevity. No matter what they sing if I recognize and love the voice I will buy their music. I've always bought the latest albums by my favorite artists sight unseen because I know they are not going to disappoint me. Some voices you can just listen to 24/7. I am an eclectic music lover but Gospel & R&B (rhythm & blues = moving percussion & bass coupled with a melody & lyrics that clings to my soul) is my favorite! As SummerRain said so eloquently... "It rejuvenates my soul!" Today's cookie cutter bubblegum all sounds the same. Give me a song that reaches into my gut, wrenching my heart, breakin' me down in tears or a bass & percussion driven jam that makes my body rock no matter how tired I may be any day! LOL Much Love & Respect, CC
I don't know that I can give a 10 point outline any better than those already given esp by Sullee J. But... the Stars I most admire have the ability to skillfully captivate and mesmerize their audience with a radiant presence (reflecting both inner as well as superficial beauty), grace, and sustained talent, rendering credible performances that move me. Not just a pretty face or one hit wonder. But a true entertainer that exudes confidence with humility & grace and lasting professional abilities. Such an artist connects & makes people feel good about themselves. Quality entertainment is a form of escapism &/or confirming expressionism. (Yes! He/She speaks to & for me!!!) For such an artist (singer, actor, etc), I will happily plunk down my hard earned money.
Wow, what a beautiful articulation of how music moves you. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. I am looking forward to hearing more from you. I was telling some of the artist here like Delila, Philip, and Gary Sparks how wonderful country music is, and I am determined to get me a Heart, Mind, body and soul Country Artist.

Now we got soul, so, check out Ms, Crystal, for R & B, and Leijiah for that Smooth Jazz R& B Neo soul sound. Both of these ladies have a little dab of that old school flavor but with refreshing New lyrics, voices, skill and talent.

Looking forward to your blog, or group too. :)

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