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Who calls the shots, the woman or the Hip Hop Artist or Rock ....

What is your opinion on the use of female dancers in videos. Do you believe they are being exploited? Or do you believe they choose to be exploited by participating in video productions where they are taking advantage of.

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I'll go there!
These "screen walkers" are a throwback to the bikini clad women of the middle sixties in film e.g. the "Beach Party" series where mostly "white" women danced and paraded around in bikini's. Today it is more "booty shakin and titillatin" and they are now predominantly black. In both venues (film and video) it was designed as eye candy with the exception of it also being a fashion statement in the '60's. Today the bikini has evolved into "strings; thongs" for an even greator reveal of the female body. Coupled with the music and lyrics it projects immorality in a non-subliminal way but rather it is an in your face style...often with sexually suggestive dances banging to forthright and often profane lyrics.
Exploitation? Certainly, designed to sell more product...that is the bottom line. Many times the song is not all that but by placing beautiful scantily clad women around everywhere, dancing and getting all freaky with it... is a direct systemic shot at the young male libido which incidentally is the dominant watcher of these types of videos and can turn into an oftentime unwanted negative trip for the average young female because this is what's being projected to the male...who in turn subjects the female to language and action as this is the way it is to be... if you wanna be down (accepted) this is how we gonna roll!!
Video like any other professional production has a producer/coaches which verbally suggest the type of desired action wanted from the dancers...they not only want them to "play" to the singer but definently to the camera.
The effects upon females inside and outside of the video industry have been very dramatic. There has been a "tell all" book written entitled "Confession of a Video Vixen" and it is full of atrocities which allegedly have been committed against female dancers of many, many music video one can imagine what the adolescent female is up against in daily life.
Every person has the ability to make choices but what is key when making a choice? should be based upon an informed decision! Sadly, many enter into something as naive and find themselves suddenly within a snare and to top it off many don't even know the meaning of exploitation. Money should not mean everything to a person but when promises are thrown at you along with tales of "fame" many become willing to do anything to escape their current economic status regardless of the consequences and many eagerly jump down the rabbit h***!
As a Label, and a woman, I want to avoid this type of nonsense. I never want to be a part of such disrespect and abuse of women. How can we compete with those that do these types of videos, when people buy it? What drives people to watch the videos and buy the music?
Well, when you put it like this, everything about us is derivitive of sex, I often wondered was the big Bang a sexual climax - You think?

Yet, There are many beautiful women in show business in days gone by, and they were sexy without going over the top. There was class and grace with women like Diana Ross, Marilyn McCoo, Dionne Warwick, Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan. Isn't there a more graceful and respectful way to get it done. Music is not the bedroom, is it? LOL
wow... This is something you can argue on both sides.... Let it be known that whatever that person feels at that moment to say or spit verbally or dance sexually, take off their for the globe. conscience people are not affected by the words or what they see because words are nothing unless emotions are tied to it... So every one feels differently about the situations at hand that makes our job as women, artist, or whatever who have chosen not to be like that are not like that(or truly behind the scenes doing the damn thang) and it all balance out. It is what it is...and I think we all should keep it like that. I'm grateful for them and I'm grateful for who I am.
Well, Though I do believe it to be by choice. I must admit that though these women may be portrayed as exploited sexual females, most of these women are taking this chance as a financial blessing and using this opportunity to get out of that life style. Be it by school or simply well managed funds, paid for or made by being in a hiphop video as a Video Vixen. Choice. aka our one true freedom.-A.D.
I once had a beautiful picture in my mind each time I heard a particular song. Then I saw a music video (when they still played them) on MTV of the same song and I never watched music video's again!
It was nowhere near what my imagination had conjured. Pure commercialism.
As to dancers...I sat here once, watching a group (I forget who) do there tune and dancers were all over the place! Behind the group, around the group, in front of the group. I realised, as I believe music is dead as far as the radio and what is being spoon fed to the "buying" public, that the reason for the dancers with legs galour, bosom's abusting and gyration's of simulated everything, that the reason for this was because the music was not that good. Also...The stage presence of the band/group was almost non existent. If it's a Rap/Hip-Hop group the motions are mostly repetitive of every other group. If it's a Pop band..Well....They just don't do much anymore and that speaks to the music their generating too.
You don't see the Rolling Stones with dancers. You see dancers with Britanny Spears, et al because they don't have a stage presence and/or act. No emotion. Just stand on stage, be cute and sing.
When I see contestants on American Idol audition and include dancing around, etc I feel bad for them because they don't realise the singer, when dancing and gyrating, either is NOT singing at the time OR the vocals are recorded. One can NOT sing and gyrate, jump, do splits, spin, twirl and sing at the same time.
Is the dancing degrading to the women? I don't think so. I wouldn't want any act like that on stage with me but that's me. How about the men? Are the male dancers degrading themselves? I don't believe so. They exit the stage, pick up their paycheck and hope they get hired again or were "discovered" and picked for some show i.e. TV and/or movies. I'll shut up now..LOL
Postscript: I watched a special with Celine Dion doing her Vegas act. Celine can hold the stage alone, in my opinion, but the multitudes of dancers they put on stage with her was driving me nuts!
People should simply do what they want. Even prostitutes. Hell, tax it and there goes our deficit, plus some. My point is, theres pros and cons in EVERYTHING.
The thing that we ignore is balance. Everything balances, and nothing is free, whether you pay with your money, brains, lungs, etc.... cuz we smoke cigars or weed, or anything else in life we enjoy, it ALL cost something, and it all evens out. So since it is our ONE and ONLY life and we pay for whatever we do, we should be FREE to choose what the hell we want to do, without haters pulling our coats and saying that it is wrong.
Hey some people get off on exploiting themselves! Its their orgasm....LET THEM FREAKIN HAVE IT!

Good day peeps, and have an even "gooder" lyfe!


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