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My thinkin' is by supporting more Blues in Our Schools (The Monterey Bay Blues Festival). Which happens to be the New Charity for the Blues Compilation CD. We are supporting the future of the genre and giving our children an education to one of the best styles of music and culture anywhere. I was raised in N.Y.C. and had some of the greatist Artist of our time come share there knowledge and talents with us and that is why we as Artist should give back to our younger brothers and sisters who are learning about the Blues and Life in general. Thanks for your support. Please share your thoughts on the subject-Peace-Bish

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Hey Bishop,
Music appreciation courses could be offered on this particular subject at various schools and universities. Anything happening at the Berkley School of Music on this theme?

Be well,
Word Man
Monterey Bay Blues Festival Pictures, Images and Photos
From the Monterey Bay Blues Festival
i played the Monterey Fest also 01-03 & 07 some live video on myspace
when i was living in Reno, i was doing blues in the schools for 6 years. had the greatest time, i was trying to get Lee Oskar to donate harps to the program, but the guy was too money-hungry and wouldn't go for it, so i basically brought little bongos for the kids to play along and you know they would always have a great time with it! a friend of mine up here in Oregon Hawkeye Herman does alot of blues in the schools also, check out his website!
Bish, In my years in college ONLY Music Majors had to take a music appreciation class.My family came from North Hollywood to rural Mo.Culture SHOCK.My point here is in no schools intermediate level, Middle school or high school were music appreciation cla**** a must take.My son Kort to my delight while attending Mineral Area College as a music major ,came home 1 day and started talkin" about Robert Johnson History.He was 18@ the time and in college before his first music appreciation education opportunity came.My daughter is a teacher.I will ask her how to address this issue in public schools. We all need to no where we and our culture came from because it is all society history not just WARS.Your #1 Fan,Sugar Bear.
I just finished a studio interview on WABG Clarksdale, MS. I plugged this project because it is something I really care about. In reality, if you strip down Hip Hop, R&R, R&B, you'll find the Blues in some form. Kids today need to be re-edumacated about Music and it's roots from Slave Ships to Gospel & Blues in the cotton fields and beyond. In the interview I was asked about Barry White and how he influenced my R&B style. My answer: we have similar pipes, but he sang about Love. . .not calling folks out their name and shootin' up the neighborhood. Music is like language. You can cuss someone out in French, but it still sounds good. BUT, when you cuss and curse (honestly can't say I've never slipped up on this by accident) in a song, talkin bout b****** & hos & all that nonsense, you leave a negative mark that leaves a lasting impression on impressionable young listeners. If the remaining Blues Artists on the planet will "Stand and Deliver" a good song, with a positive message. . .there is some hope that we can help turn this thing around. We may never be famous, but if that's your motive, it'll never happen anyway.

I'm really looking forward to how this plays out Bishop. BB and I appreciate your calls. You are one heckuva good Producer & Bluesman.

Happy New Year Ya'll
Now that is what I am talking about!
Sang em! LOL!
You know that;s my sister Amy Treadwell in the background f this photo. Looks like ya'll were havin' a Ball!!!-Peace-Bish
Send me the brothers link. I'd love to see what he's doing?
Thanks so much for sharing that. We need more Foundations like the Monterey Bay Blues Festival
to take a more active role in seeing that the young get the musical education we got growing up.
I grew up in Harlem and I was exposed to some of the Best music and musicians in the World. They also took the time to come and do workshops with us. Some did this on their own and others got paid, but never the less we got the "Edua-ma-cation" my brother Moe is talkin' about.
Thanks for the kind words and info Moe..
You like myself have seen all types of things come and go. Well I know that this isn't a popular thing to say now-a-days, but the use of the N, B, & H words are so degrating not only to black people (who lots of great men and women have given there lives to fight against) But to People as a wh***.
I pray that our young brothers and sisters, be they Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, or White stop and check themselves. Put out some meanigful material that we all can be proud of-Tell BB I send my love-Bish
Not that I know of my Brother-Wordman, but it would be such a great thing if every community was involved and had a program like that-Peace-Bish


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