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comes from the fact that two people from totally different backrounds,kentucky south shore and a half greek woman born in boston US can connect beyond limits, beyond what everyone says that it wont work... again... as they always say
can come across the two ends of the world, to love and sing and make music.

I would call us "people of the world", people that define who they are by where their heart leads them. People that just cant stop to listen to negitivity of what society demands.

these people are you and me. ALL AND EVERYONE ARE WELCOME to my world of the HILLBILLY AND THE GREEK fan club.

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I am sure glad to be included in the 'people of the world'! I have ALWAYS felt there was SOMETHING there in MY music! Some little - something that could, just for a moment, grab your attention! It is MY hope (& dream) to, one day, have someone record one of MY songs, but I have NEVER done it for the $$ ! Perhaps, I should have?! - now, I'm 60 years old, & been playing guiatr since I was 14! A stroke at the turn of the century left my once-good singing voice NOT so desireable - any more - to some, it still is! I, therefore, try to get others to 'sing it in my place'! or just sing MY song the way THEY hear it! If any musicians are interested, I say - why not?? Contact me - & let's see! Thanks for letting ME be included in the 'people of the world'! I couldn't agree more - you are what you are - by what you ARE!!! This would sure be an awesome way to express OUR heritage, too - in a way that is similiar to others?! Why NOT bring up the idea with the 'moderators' of the Charity CD - perhaps, they will let us hillbillys & greeks tell OUR side of the story, too!!! Ray Withrow, President of No Creek Music (yes, No Creek, KY is a real place)
oh, another thing?? whur in KY were you from??
I found out that my great-great granny was a Williams - that'd make us kin!!! LOL It was probly the same woman with the shotgun - either when I was born, OR on your birthday! I don't remember which!! But I'm probaly a LOT older than you!
My dues are paid in full, too!
I was raised in what used to be called No Creek!, KY (Ohio County).
The last name of my mother's side goes WAY back! They were the early settlers at No Creek - I have a picture of my grandfather, & his 1st grade class - dated 1903!, to "Braveheart!" yep, I'm a direct descendant of William WALLACE! That was also my uncle's name!
The Withrow's (weren't born on the other side of the tracks, but, if it weren't for the bridge on a turret, to connect them to the OTHER side, they would sure STOP there!!! LOL
The 'story' of "daddy's secret weapon" is true! So, is the account of what happened AFTER me & my cousin were caught burning up grandpa's tobacco??!!! we were almost 10! (grandpa's tobbaco crop" song)
The bootlegger was only less than 10 miles away,
was raised 35 miles SE of Owensboro in the same county as Bill Monroe! Found out that Grandma KNEW Uncle Pen (Vandiver)! Taught Bill Moroe how to play!
Well, I got to meet Bill Monroe at the age of 7 1/2, & found out my grandfather (who I never knew - grandpa Withrow) was living in Rosine years before Bill Monroe was born!)
So, the Withrow's were there 1st!!!
LOT's of good memories, lost loves, forgotten places, good times, all the GOOD things I choose to cherish! Thanks for letting ME be = ME in this group of friends!! Ray Withrow
shiloh's from KY so i guess you'll have to wait for him to come home and answer you. but you understood exactly what i meant.
you are what you are - by what you ARE is what matters !
"Love Knows No Distance"

Word Man
distance Pictures, Images and Photos
That was thoughtful. People around the world would be amazed at how much we have in common, and the differences come from basic training and tradition. I remember as I traveled across the country and out of the country, I discovered new foods, and came home to share with friends and family. Only, it was REALLY, hard to get them to "Just Try it" Just a lil bit. (lol) and when they did, they always loved it.
There was a girl a while back I met and spent some quality time with - OK, we were in love for a spell. Now I was living at the time in Redondo Beach, CA and was visiting my friend in a place called Kuranda, Australia (which is way up the northeast coast by Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef). The gal was originally from South Africa, and had settled up in Kuranda with her two kids and a big german shepherd dog named Mr. Spock, staying at one of my friend's rental houses out in the rainforest. ahhhh yes!! ... people of the world? You bet.


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