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Who believes poetry plays a big part of music?


Who believes poetry plays a big part of music?

As an artist, something which helps me through everyday of my life besides prayer has always been poetry.

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Don't Give Up

This Poem was written at a time when my life was below rock bottom and thoughts of suicide and ridicule were a part of my emotions. I sat down and wrote this poem. I won a national prize and was published in a book called "immortal verses". I am just sharing this with all of you because the music i write has a lot of personal experience and passion, and it means a lot to me. I just want to know if most people feel the same way, or some people just write of talent and not their emotions.

nothings life like, its life less
and it seems like every day my life lessens
by lifes tests
i dont want no more of lifes lessons, i like rest
everyday im addin up more buttons that
life pressed, i just might press
the one that spark a light, n leavez me night-less
my eyez stay suspektin, im skeptical, everything
around i stay sketchin
cuz any beginning end wit a decimal,
i take chancez to see how far im in it,
i can swallow the stress,
the pain is at an abyss or an oceans depth,
im an entreprenuer with my heart wen its open yet,
im so sick of the risk n sunrise that
lately i been at an orange set
because the pain is sorrow, n it stays tomorrow
so i bury my emotions knowin i dont own them
cuz everything he gave, we borrowed
sustane my brain so im sane til im slain n hollow

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Comment by Cathie Fredrickson on February 15, 2010 at 7:03pm
I believe of course, most of my songs, were poems first, so yah!!!!!!! Happy day!!!! :):)
Comment by Anointed Poet on November 4, 2009 at 6:32am
I definitely believe this. We are working right now to turn more of my poetry to songs. Poets are lyricists and are incredibly gifted at putting their thoughts on paper so they may touch souls and encourage and inspire people.
Comment by Thumper on January 13, 2009 at 11:59am
I totally agree that peotry plays a huge part in music. The one song my guitar player and I wrote together called "Broken" started as a poem about this girl named that destroyed me. We took that poem and made in more songlike and it's one of most requested songs! Also I have written poems about my days as an anerexic and hope to one day make them songs as well but right now I don't feel comforatable with that subject matter.
Comment by "Tina Marie" Clark on January 10, 2009 at 10:14pm
Dr. King's Birthday Is On The Way Again And There Will Be The Usual Celebration And Parades, Speeches And The Likes, Yet The Remaining Question Is Still, Then What? Do Our Sons Still Walk Around With Their Pants Hanging Exposing Their Underwear Will People Still Be Afraid To Walk Down A Lite Street Their Own Even? Will The Elderly Come Outside Again And Take Nice Slow And Safe Walks? Will More Teachers Put More Thought In The Lessons Taught By Their Attitudes Instead Of Worring So Much About Their Pay Checks? Our Children Can Sense Rejection And Thus They Reject Their Most Prize Possession "Their Education" This Must Stop These Teachers Must Be Identified And "FIRED" Donald Trump Style!!! " The Apology" I Wrote This Song to Hopefully Change The Mind Set Of Just Celebrating Dr. King's Memory Without Realizing That Society As A Wh*** Has Almost Turned His Dream Into A "Nightmare" Yet Change Will Come "I Still Believe In His Dream We Must Wake Up And Stay Up! Please Also hear my Tribute To Aaliyah "Titled Gone Too Soon"
Comment by Radical 9Mind on January 10, 2009 at 7:45pm
Life is poetry in motion even as emotions are energy in motion which becomes our life actions, yes we call it motion. If one has insight and the right intellect, one can capture this motion of life like the lens of a camera on papyrus, and leave it as one of life’s revelations; a gift for all to see that life is poetry in motion like listening to the songs of a bird, poetry in motion; a beautiful song! One that might even save a life...
Comment by Crystal Cartier the Artist on January 10, 2009 at 5:45pm
Beloved I feel you. You just don't know how blessed you are to be able to verbalize your thoughts & feelings. There are so many illiterate or otherwise unable to purge without lashing out with vulgar expletives.
Misdirected anger & an inability to effectively express themselves is responsible for a lot of irrational behavior, fussing, fighting, suicide & even killing amongst family members & friends. Lord help an offending stranger or ill perceived enemy or threat that gives some people just the excuse to go off & hurt someone. Some people are so full of hurt & rage that they are walking time bombs. If they don't end up hurting another person,their attitude is so bad that someone ends up killing them. Too often they usually die of stress related causes. Males are the most at risk because they things in. Where most women have little problem venting. It is true that abuse flows downhill. Everybody looks for someone weaker to abuse because they are unable to talk back or get even with whomever stronger is abusing them. Education, a strong vocabulary and self control enable better coping skills & prolific expression.

Songs are simply lyrical poetry. Even instrumental music & dance are forms of lyrical/rhythmic expression. As is fluid & methodical forms of martial arts. We call it poetry in motion.
Comment by Malik Torain on December 31, 2008 at 3:27am
Thanxz for the Inite my brethren!that's a deep poem have got to be one of the coolist porets out there.madd love and respect.our day is coming soon.but like my girl peace said poetry is the depth of each and every song that's be writen,it's just how you put it down in what ever genre you are trying to do..
Good Looks bruh!
Comment by Ray Withrow on December 25, 2008 at 10:53pm
This IS my picture! Glad to be of help. Sullee!
Comment by JOSE DIAZ on December 25, 2008 at 9:24am
A poem is a moment captured.
The reader rubbs the words across retina.
The mind weaves the meaning, creates pictures.
Dreams coalesce. Worlds live and die.
Hiding in the tall grass of each word is epiphany, paradigm, and eureka, all waiting to pounce!

Poetry and music do go hand in hand. Some forms are more easily suited to music than others. Ray hits all the nails on the head too!
From the softest whisper, to the loudest primordial scream, with or without music, poetry will always have a vox!
Comment by Ray Withrow on December 24, 2008 at 4:01pm
This is NOT my picture, but it IS my comment(s)! A 'song', like it, or not, IS a form of poetry - well, part of it is! A 'song' constitutes 2 parts: words, & a melody! Lyrics ARE actually (in most cases) lyric poetry - that is, poetry that is intended to be set to music! Most (but not all) ryhme - for a reason, called meter! The syllables in EACH line are usually the same, too! There are a LOT of grammatical things that make up a good song! The choice of words is critical (sometimes) - not only to help the listener EXPERIENCE the feeling, or emotion the artist is presenting, but also to grab their attention FAST (the 'hook)! This is intentional, too! Remember? you only have about 3 - 3 1/2 minutes to grab, hold, & ease the listener BACK - publishers usually don't listen to MAYBE the 1st 15-20 seconds of a song! So, needless to say, you have to do your homework!! Ray Withrow, President of No Creek Music Publishing (ASCAP)

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