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Free Affiliate Marketing Tips

Ensuring successful Affiliate Marketing
By Moiko Entertainment Network

I have been involved in Affiliate Marketing, Direct Sales and Network marketing for many years. Successful marketers all have the following tips as part of their success blue print. If you clone their success blue print, you will clone their success. It is a simple blue print, however it does take work, real work and dedication to render success.

Affiliate Marketing Tip #1:
You NEED to make a decision that Affiliate Marketing can offer supplementary income leading to a bright future.
You need PASSION in order to make your Affiliate Marketing business a success.
You have to be READY to accept and live a lifestyle of a network marketer.
This is the most important tip that I can give you.
Most people who get into Affiliate Marketing treat it as more of a hobby than a true brick and mortar business and this is why most people fail at Affiliate Marketing.
If you forget the rest of the Affiliate Marketing tips that I am going to give you here please remember this one.
Treat your Affiliate marketing business as a business and it will pay you like a business.

Affiliate Marketing Tip #2:
You must set a strict schedule for your business and then stick to it.
In order for your business to be successful you must devote at least 12 to 15 hours a week to focused work.
Set a schedule and stick to it.
Know exactly what you are going to do with the time you have allotted to your business before you start working then use that time as you have scheduled it.
If you do this your business will run much more smoothly and efficiently.

Affiliate Marketing Tip #3:
Never ever stop learning.
I know if you’re anything like me your time is a very valuable commodity. I really don’t have much time to spare.
Guess how I solved this problem for myself?
I listen to quite a few Affiliate Marketing books on tape.
Why not multi-task I thought...
I figure if I’m driving or typing there’s no reason why I can't learn new things at the same time.
Try to learn as much as you can whenever and however you can.
Make compromises in your life so that you are able to learn new ideas, techniques, and vocabulary.
Multi task whenever you can.

Affiliate Marketing Tip #4:
Set a budget and stick to it.
You can’t expect your business to survive if you skimp on the quality of your marketing and training, so set up a monthly budget.
Allot a certain amount of your resources a month to the growth of your business.
For example I allot about $600 a month for the growth of my Affiliate Marketing business. It’s not easy giving up that much of my money, but in all honesty it’s worthwhile in the long term.
Think about it...
When you're making $10,000 dollars a month residually, are you really going to wish you had spent less on the development of your business?
Set a budget and stick to it, and reinvest your early earnings back into the growth of your business.

Affiliate Marketing Tip #5:
Maintain a positive attitude.
Do not get down on yourself if things don't go your way in the beginning,
just keep chugging along...
I promise you things are not going to go the way you expect them in the beginning.
You have to be able to view your setbacks as a positive stepping stone for your future success.
Learn all you can from your experiences and use them to guide your future successes.

Requirements for Success as an Affiliate:

If you are interested in Affiliate Marketing, I urge you to start with a simple program that has a product that is currently in demand. The product should be easy to sale on and off the internet. You should be a current user of the product. This lends itself to your enthusiasm, product knowledge, ect… The product should have a low reasonable cost so that objection to price is not an issue. You should be rewarded the minimum of your cost of the product for your first qualifying sales. This allows you to get the product for FREE! You should also be able to position yourself as one of the first to market with the product. This ensures that you are able to capture a vast market share with little competition.

 I have a review of an Affiliate Marketing program that fits all of the requirements.
FlixsNow offers a flat rate DVD, Blu-ray rental service. The cost is ONLY $25 per Year!, which allows you to rent one movie at a time. After you return the movie, another movie is sent to you that you have chosen automatically. In addition there is no additional fee for Blu-ray disc. This low price will save you about $100 per year on movie rentals compared to other services, like Netflics and Blockbuster. If you take into consideration the late fees and gas cost associated with renting from Redbox the savings is about $200 yearly.

If you currently rent movies and are seeking additional or full time income, then FlixsNow is the right program for you. The compensation offers profit sharing in which you can earn up to $500,000. In addition FlixsNow has performance bonuses that are exceptional, like a 2012 C-250 Mercedes Benz.

There is currently no cost to become an Affiliate.
Become an Affiliate

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